The EQnomy Manifesto
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Awake people
It is the dawn of the EQnomy; a fast-growing society based on the recognition that all human action is rooted in emotion. In that society we consciously deal with each other's emotions. We perceive and understand them and integrate them into all our thinking. Our actions are aimed at durable happiness for everybody.

We live and experience life consciously and show who we are. We treat everybody the way we want to be treated; honestly, respectful and loving. Together with likewise tuned people in private and in work we turn the present society into a sound one that truly serves human beings and their happiness.

12 Theses

  1. People want to experience that they live. Now.
  2. The truly important things are: being-human, development, challenge and fun!
  3. People define their own passion, energy, success and needs.
  4. Our EQnomy is a sizzling party of real, authentic human beings.
  5. We seek no 'balance between work and personal life'; we are our authentic selves in work and in private.
  6. Our talents, time, attention, ideas, knowledge and networks are ours and our responsibility.
  7. An organization is not a Counsel, Company, Care- or Educational Institution. An organization always consists of PEOPLE who are committed to each other and to other people.
  8. "What does your care, involvement, service or product add to me, my development, challenge and fun!?"
  9. We do not want to be 'robbed'; we want to be 'touched'. 
  10. Before we go along with an organization, we first want to understand it and feel it;  the mission, the culture; the people.
  11. We are loyal to the passion and inspiration with which all once began. Not to the rules that 'crept in' along the way.
  12. To us it is not about WHAT we do. To us it is about WHY we do what we do.

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This Manifesto is based on the Dissertation and Thesis "EQnomy; The Emotionel Intelligent Society"
and other work in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences by Paul L. Jansen Ph.D., MBA.

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